Official WWE Standees

Give a gift they’ll love forever with an officially licensed SuperStarCutouts WWE Standee with such greats as The Rock, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and many others. Select a superstar from these iconic larger-than-life wrestlers as cardboard cutouts and see them complete in their ring attire and holding their signature poses. Each superstar look like they walked straight out of the wrestling ring to show off their best moves and signature outfits. They make that perfect gift for wrestling fans and are ideal for bedroom decoration. Find your ideal match that can become a special guest at your party or sports event today!

Writers/photographers wanted!

Have you ever wanted to be a professional wrestling columnist? Well, now is your chance! We are actively recruiting writers to join our ranks here at Wrestlers While we are not in a position to pay for your talents (all positions would be on a volunteer basis) that doesn’t mean that things won’t change down the road. We are looking for anyone who feels they have something to say about the world of wrestling – either today’s game or the mat wars of yesteryear – and can contribute work on a consistent basis. It would also help if you can string together a couple of coherent sentences! WWE, TNA, the indies – whatever! We want to talk about it all. Leave a note by using the comments link if interested, along with an email address where you can be reached. We will definitely get in touch with ya!

We are also looking for any budding professional wrestling photographers! One note, however: these must be shots that you took yourself at a wrestling card or wrestler appearance – we are not into piracy here at Wrestlers Again, while we cannot pay (at the moment) for anyone’s work, regardless, we are putting the word out that Wrestlers is the place where you can have your work posted online for all the world to see! Again, drop us a note by using the comments link if interested, and don’t forget to leave an email address where you can reached.